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Waiting room: overview
Waiting room: overview

Discover the features and benefits of the waiting room

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Your patient will enter the waiting room after they check in. The patient remains there until you start the call.

Here is an example of what a typical waiting room might look like to a patient on a desktop computer:

A screenshot of the waiting room with numbered areas

1. Provider's name and photo - Displaying your information helps assure the patient that they are in the right place. To select the photo displayed here, you can add/edit your profile photo anytime.

2. Text and media content - You can customize your waiting room with text, images, and video content to suit the needs of your patients.

3. Video preview of patient - The preview lets your patient know if their camera is working properly. Here they can mute themselves or turn their camera off. The preview also gives them the option to change their camera, microphone, or speakers.

4. Provider status - The status indicator shows whether you are Available, Offline, or On Call.

5. Chat messaging - Patients can receive and send messages to you while in the waiting room. Our Chat: Overview article shows you how to send a chat to a patient while they are in the waiting room.

NOTE: Admins on a Clinic Account can choose to prevent patients from initiating chat messages while in the waiting room by turning off Patient Initiated Chats.

6. Pre-call test - Patients can choose to run an automated pre-call test to make sure their camera, mic, and speakers are working properly if they are using a desktop or laptop to connect.

The Patient Queue: Overview article provides all the details you need to manage your waiting room like a pro! And rest assured, patients cannot enter your room until you choose to start the call.

TIP: The easiest way to experience your waiting room is to check into your own room as if you were a patient.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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