Personalizing your waiting room with your own text, images, and videos offers several benefits: 

  • Helps the patient know they're in the right place

  • Provides content for your patients to review prior to a call

  • Adds your logo to look more professional

NOTE: Editing the waiting room is available to Professional or Clinic users.

To personalize your waiting room:

  1. Go to Edit Waiting Room in the dashboard.

  2. Click a box to edit or delete the section.

  3. Click + to add text, images, or YouTube videos.

  4. Highlight text to bold, underline, or add a link.

  5. Click Save.

See how to edit your waiting room: 

Clinic Waiting Rooms

  • Waiting Rooms will default to/inherit the account owner's room setup. This creates a simple and uniform initial waiting room setup for clinics with many users. These changes only apply to users added after the changes were made, not to existing accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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