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How to change the camera, microphone, and speakers on

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These days, it's not uncommon for a device to have more than one camera, microphone, or speaker option. These may be built in to the device, be connected through a cable, or even wirelessly.

Devices often try to guess which camera, mic, and speaker to assign to, but these can be changed if desired.

Access "Device Settings" Before the Call

To access these settings before a call, use the menu found on your camera preview located in top right corner of your Dashboard.

Once the device settings window opens, the following actions can be taken:

Note: If the preview is not visible, it may have been turned off. To turn it back on, go to Account Settings and then click on Room tab. Then make sure "Camera preview in dashboard" is toggled on.

Access "Call Settings" During the Call

To access these settings during the call, click on the gear icon near the bottom of your screen.

Additional Options Found in "Call Settings"

In addition to changing the camera, mic, and speakers, it is also possible to:

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