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Communicate with your patient through chat messages

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The chat feature allows you to communicate in writing with your patients. This is handy when you need to share information such as written instructions, links to websites, the spelling of a medication, and so forth. It's also helpful if you or your patient are experiencing any audio issues on the call.

You can chat with patients (a) when they are in the patient queue, or (b) when they are on a call with you.

Chat with a patient while they are still in the patient queue:

  1. Click the three dots () next to their name.

  2. Click the chat button in the patient information window.

Chat while patient is in the queue on

You can chat with more than one individual in the patient queue at the same time. When new messages come in from other patients, you will see a red circle next to their name showing the number of new messages from that patient (see image below). Simply use the two step approach described above to choose which patient you are chatting with.

Close or minimize the chat box

You may choose to minimize the chat box by clicking on the down arrow, or completely close the chat box by clicking on the X.

Understand the logic of the chat box

If you have minimized the chat box, and a patient sends you a chat message, the box will automatically open.

If you have closed the chat box (X), then it will not automatically open and you will need to click the three dots () next to their name in order to access the chat box.

If you have the chat box open for one patient and another patient sends you a chat, the chat box will stay on the first patient's chat conversation. When you are ready, you can access the chat message from the other patient by clicking the three dots () next to their name.

Once your patient has left the call or is no longer in the patient queue, you will no longer be able to send chat messages to them. The chat window will make this obvious to you.

Manage chat notifications

You can choose whether to be notified of new chat messages or not. To manage chat notifications, go to the Notifications tab in Account Settings.

Access the chat conversation after the call

You may want to document your chat conversation with a patient after the call has ended. This is possible, but limited due the fact that does not store patient data.

The chat conversation will remain available until one of the following happens:

  • The chat box is closed

  • A chat box with another patient is viewed

  • Another call is started

  • The webpage is refreshed

Once you do any of these things, your chat conversation is erased intentionally.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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