If your patient does not show up in your patient queue, then:

Refresh your browser
Sometimes your browser doesn't display the patient in the queue properly, refreshing your page will fix the issue.

Wait a few seconds
On certain networks, it may take a few extra seconds (no more than 30) for a patient to appear in the queue. 

Was permission to use camera and microphone given?
Doxy.me needs access to your camera and microphone. If access was denied, your patient may not appear in the patient queue. 

Is the patient in the correct room?
Make sure the patient is in the correct room. If you have a Clinic account, make sure your patient didn't go to your free room.  

Did the patient actually check in?
Sometimes the patient may go to your URL but wait at the check in screen, make sure your patient enter their name and check into your waiting room.

Use a different network
If you are testing Doxy.me with a "patient" who is on the same internet Wifi network, sometimes the patient may not appear properly. If this happens, try testing from a different network or connect to the internet using your phone 3G. 

If your patient still doesn't appear in your queue after trying these steps, contact our support team.

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