We understand it can be frustrating when the patient does not show up in the queue. Here are a few things to check when trying to ensure the patient is in the provider's queue

1) Make sure they are in the correct waiting room

  • They may be in the wrong place. Please be sure to send them to your correct waiting room link. 

  • Did you send them the waiting room link to another account? If you upgraded to a Clinic account, you will still have your free account and both will have unique waiting room links. 

2) Ensure there is a strong internet connection

If there is a strong internet connection and the patient still is not showing in the queue:

  • Refresh your browser, Sometimes your browser doesn't display the patient in the queue properly; refreshing your page will fix the issue.

  • Wait a minute, On certain low-bandwidth networks, it may take up to a minute for a patient to appear in the queue.

  • Use a different network, Multiple participants on a call being on the same wireless network often cause problems. If you are testing doxy.me with a "patient" who is on the same network as you are, this is probably the cause.

3) Restart your computer

NOTE: Please check our status page to ensure that all systems are operational. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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