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Patient not appearing in queue (or they don't see me online)
Patient not appearing in queue (or they don't see me online)

Suggestions for improving the patient queue

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We understand it can be frustrating when the patient does not show up in the queue. Here are a few things to check when trying to ensure the patient is in the provider's queue

1) Make sure they are in the correct waiting room

  • They may be in the wrong place. Please be sure to send them to your correct waiting room link. 

  • Did you send them the waiting room link to another account? If you upgraded to a Clinic account, you will still have your free account and both will have unique waiting room links. 

2) Ask the patient to leave the waiting room, refresh their browser and then check in again. (Repeat if they still see you as offline). You can refresh your browser as well.

3) Ensure there is a strong internet connection

If there is a strong internet connection and the patient still is not showing in the queue:

  • Refresh your browser, Sometimes your browser doesn't display the patient in the queue properly; refreshing your page will fix the issue.

  • Wait a minute, On certain low-bandwidth networks, it may take up to a minute for a patient to appear in the queue.

  • Use a different network, Multiple participants on a call being on the same wireless network often cause problems. If you are testing with a "patient" who is on the same network as you are, this is probably the cause.

4) Restart your computer

NOTE: Please check our status page to ensure that all systems are operational. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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