There are a few common reasons why a patient won't show up in your queue or will tell you that you appear offline: 

  • They may be in the wrong place. Please be sure to send them to your correct waiting room link. 

  • Did you send them the waiting room link to another account? If you upgraded to a Clinic account, you will still have your free account and both will have unique waiting room links. 

  • As a provider, did you check in to your own waiting room? If so, you'll want to be sure you sign in to your Dashboard to start a call. Sign into my Clinic Dashboard

  • Have you logged in to your account on multiple devices? If one device goes to sleep, it will show you as offline even though you are logged in somewhere else.

  • Are you and the patient both online? Even if your WiFi is turned on, you may not be connected to a network. 

  • Do you or your patient have a spotty WiFi connection? If so, that can delay offline and available status updates from appearing accurately. 

  • Do you have a firewall in place? requires a few different services to run, and they may be blocked by your browser settings.  

How to fix this

  • Turn on desktop or mobile notifications to be alerted right away when someone checks in.

  • Refresh the browser page, and wait a few seconds so your patient can check back in.

  • Switch to a different WiFi connection, and close out any large unneeded background applications.

  • Keep your Dashboard tab open before sending a patient your waiting room link or setting aside time for a meeting. This way, whenever a patient checks in, they'll see you online and available right away. 

If your patient does not show up in your patient queue, you can try these things:

Refresh your browser
Sometimes your browser doesn't display the patient in the queue properly; refreshing your page will fix the issue.

Wait a few seconds
On certain networks, it may take a few extra seconds (no more than 30) for a patient to appear in the queue.

Multiple tabs open

If a patient has multiple browser tabs open, is not actively on the check-in page, or is checked in to more than one waiting room, the patient may intermittently arrive and leave the patient queue. Ask the patient to stay on the check in page.

Was permission to use camera and microphone given?
In order for you to connect with the patient, needs access to your camera and microphone. If access was denied, your patient may not appear in the patient queue.

Is the patient in the correct room?
Make sure the patient has entered the URL you see in your account settings, under room settings, in the "room name" field. If you have a Clinic account, make sure your patient didn't go to your free room.

Did the patient actually check in?
Sometimes the patient may go to your URL but wait at the check-in screen. Make sure your patient has entered their name and checked in to your waiting room.

Is antivirus software installed on your computer?
Some users have reported patients appearing in their queue again after they have disabled or removed antivirus software such as Norton or Panda.

Use a different network
Multiple participants on a call being on the same wireless network often causes problems. If you are testing with a "patient" who is on the same network as you are, this is probably the cause.

NOTE: Please check our status page to ensure that all systems are operational. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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