The patient not appearing in your dashboard can happen for a variety of reasons. In our experience, these are the things to check:

Make sure you are logged into the Dashboard and your participant went to the Waiting Room Url
As a provider you will log into (or if a Clinic Account go to and click "Provider Login"). And then share the link listed in the Dashboard with your participant. On our iOS app, you need to have the app open to be seen as online.

Make sure the patient has actually checked in
The patient may be sitting at the check-in screen, without having actually checked in yet. Make sure the patient is in past the check-in screen and in your waiting room. 

Make sure camera and microphone access was given needs access to your camera and microphone to work properly. If you can't see yourself in the top right corner see this article: Give Access to Camera Both you and your participant need to do this. 

Restart computer or browser, try again
There might be a problem or error with you or your patient's browser. Refresh the browser or restarting the computer often fixes the issue. 

There might be a delay, wait a few seconds
On certain networks, it may take a few extra seconds (no more than 30) for a patient to appear in the queue.  

If you are still having trouble, please email us at

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