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Turn your camera on or off, before or during a call

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It's best to leave your camera on during a call if you can, as this helps to create a stronger personal connection with the patient, but sometimes you may want to turn the camera off either before or during a call. You can easily turn it on again at any time.

Turn Off Your Camera On or Off before the Call Starts

  1. Move your mouse/cursor over your camera preview in the top right of your Dashboard. The three dots icon ( ... ) will appear.

    1. If the preview video is not visible, it may have been turned off. To turn it back on, go to Account Settings, then Room tab. "Camera preview in dashboard" should be toggled on.

  2. Click the three dots icon ( ... ) and a drop-down menu will display.

  3. Select Turn Off Camera from the menu.

    1. If the camera is already off, this option will read Turn Camera On.

When you start a call with the camera off, the patient will see your profile photo, not the live video from your camera. During a call, you can turn the camera on again at any time, as described below.

Turn Your Camera On or Off during a Call

In the Call Controls along the bottom of the screen, click the camera icon to toggle the video on or off. In other words, click once for Off, click again for On.

Note: You may need to move your mouse/cursor to the bottom of the screen to display the Call Controls.

The Toggle Video icon will display in red when you camera is off.

Remember, anytime your camera is turned off, your profile photo will display in place of your video. We suggest you add a profile picture if you have not already done so.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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