The Clinic landing page is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing storefront for your Clinic account. Every clinic account comes with a branded landing page.  

The landing page allows the patient to type, search, and/or find the room name of their provider. As the patient starts to type the room name, the rooms that match the text will filter and appear Patients can use the drop down menu to select their provider.

Patients can also search among all room names. 

Change room display name
To change the display name for providers on the landing page:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click Account Settings
  2. Click Room Settings
  3. Edit Customize Display Name

Remove or reorder room names from list
Currently it is not possible to reorder, alphabetize or sort names on your clinic home page.  However, when the patient starts typing in the box it automatically filters the room names, making it easy to select the right name. Also, it's easiest for patients if you send the provider's room link to go directly to the correct room so they don't need to select the name on the landing page. 

Send them this instead of making them go to the landing page and choose from the list. 

If you have questions about your landing page, please contact our support team.  

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