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Use transfer patient to create a real-world clinic experience
Use transfer patient to create a real-world clinic experience

Model your real-world Clinic workflow in

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You can use the Transfer Patient feature to move patients between rooms in your clinic. This feature offers many exciting possibilities for better patient management. In this example, we'll show you how to set up a reception room that can be used by a front-desk person to check in and manage all your telemedicine patients.

Example Workflow

Typically in a real world Clinic, a front desk person checks in the patient at Reception. The patient then waits in the reception waiting room until the provider is ready to see them, and the patient moves to the provider's room.

The example below is a simple use of the Transfer Patient and Shared Room features to create a similar "reception" workflow for your online Clinic.

Set Up

  1. Create a Shared Room called Reception (or a name of your choosing). All patients with telemedicine appointments can be sent a link to this Reception room.

  2. Assign users to the shared Reception room - office staff, nurses and so on - anyone who might act as Receptionist when an online patient checks in.


  1. When a patient checks in to the Reception waiting room, the receptionist can start the call with the patient, and complete any pre-appointment paperwork or payments.

  2. The receptionist can then either

    1. transfer the patient directly to the provider's room, and the patient will then appear in the provider's patient queue, or

    2. pause the call, which returns to the patient to the reception waiting room, ready for transfer to the provider when the provider is available

  3. After the appointment with the provider, the provider can transfer the patient back to Reception, so that the Receptionist can schedule the next appointment, accept any additional payments, or discuss any issues around administering the patient's care.

A significant benefit of this workflow is that all patients can now receive the same link to check in, regardless of which provider they are meeting with. You can even add this link to your website, so patients don't have to worry about losing their link, and any resultant general inquiries go right to the receptionist.

Also, add office hours and emergency information to the waiting room, so that both booked patients and drop-ins understand the times that staff are available to assist them, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Once you start using Transfer, you will probably think of many other ways to organize rooms and move patients between them, so you can improve both the patient experience and operational efficiency.

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