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To access your Clinic account, you must go to your subdomain

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If you are on the Clinic subscription, you have a dedicated location to log in to your Clinic account.

Log in at Your Subdomain

Each Clinic subscription has a unique login link. You'll want to bookmark this link to make it easier.

For example:

First Time Logging into Clinic Account

Your administrator should have sent you an invite. Search for a recent email titled “Join your team's Clinic account” or “Welcome to!” Both will include instructions of how to log in:

  • Confirm your administrator has your correct email

  • Confirm your administrator sent the invite

  • Check your spam folder

  • Sometimes a network firewall can block the invites. Contact our support team if you have still not received an invite.

Forgot the Subdomain Login

You will have a unique login page for your organization. For example If you are unsure of your Clinic’s login page, you can log in through your free account:

  1. Login with your email and password here:

  2. When you get the prompt, click Sign in to my account

  3. After logging in to your clinic account, bookmark it so it’s easier to log in

Forgot Password

If you can’t remember your password, select Forgot Password? Check your inbox and spam folder for instructions. You can reset your password here:

Upgrading from Free to Clinic

If you previously used a Free or Professional account and joined a Clinic account, your room link that you send patients changed. As a result, patients who check into your old link will not show up in your patient queue when logged into your Clinic account. For example:

Free/Professional room link:

Some patients might still have your old room link because of past invites or appointments that were already scheduled. If you reach out to support they can set it up so patients that check into your Free/Professional room link are automatically forwarded to your new Clinic room link.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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