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Customize your Clinic account

Add personalized branding and a landing page to your Clinic account

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We need three things to brand your Clinic account. Email the following to

Your logos

Logo images are preferred in .PNG or .JPEG format with a transparent background. Make sure logo files are good quality (not blurry). The Favicon will appear in the browser tabs. Larger logos are usually better because they can be scaled down without loosing quality.

Your colors

Please send colors in HEX format. If you are unsure, our design team can select a color scheme for you based on your logo. We need:

  1. Primary color

  2. Secondary color

  3. Sidebar Text color

Landing page image

Make sure the image is horizontal and not blurry when opened full screen. Keep in mind that any group or team photos will be blocked by the room search in the middle. If you don't have a background image you can buy one here. Pexels offers free stock images. 

NOTE: This is only available on the Clinic plan.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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