A shared waiting room acts as a central location for patients and clients to check-in to, and wait for an available provider. As account admin, you can select which users on your account can access this room and make it seamless for them to start a call with who they need to. 

Here are some benefits to using a shared waiting room: 

  • Acts like a virtual walk-in waiting room 
  • Providers can share a single waiting room
  • Providers can start a call and then pass it to another provider
  • Anyone with access can receive notifications when a patient checks in 
  • Patients can access multiple providers with one link 

To create a shared room: 

  1. Go to Account Settings from your dashboard 
  2. Then open Clinic Settings tab
  3. Expand the Shared Rooms section  
  4. Click on Create New Shared Room

      5. Give your shared room a name and specify details

         6. Select Users and choose which providers can access your shared room

         7. Select Settings and can edit the link, check-in display name, room passcode and Terms of Service

          8. You can also edit your shared waiting room with text, images, videos, and                       links just like you can with your individual waiting room

Why can't I delete a shared room?

As of right now only the user account that creates a room can delete it. We understand this may be annoying for admin users who want to delete a shared room they didn't create. We will be changing this soon.

Why can't I add myself to a shared room?
If you create a shared room, you are automatically assigned to that shared room and cannot be removed from it. The room must be deleted by the person who created the room.

Shared waiting rooms are only available on the Clinic Solution

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support team

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