For a patient to enter your waiting room ahead of a call, they simply need to enter your personalized URL into their web browser. You can share a link to your waiting room in many different ways, including several useful ways right from your dashboard: 

Invite submenu showing different ways to invite patients to a call.

Using the Invite via button:

Screenshot of dialog box for changing email options.

NOTE: You can edit an email invite as a free account user if you use your default email client or a web service such as Gmail. Professional and Clinic accounts can use the Send from service to send edited email invites directly from your dashboard.

Other ways to share your room link

  • Write it down for your patient

  • Post it on social media

  • Text it to them

  • Order prints with your room link

  • Email it to them

  • Tell it to them in person 

  • Tell it to them over the phone

  • Link to it on your website

  • Add it as the location on an appointment reminder

Once a patient enters your waiting room, you can start a call

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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