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Promote your practice: Office flyers
Promote your practice: Office flyers

Customized telehealth flyers for your waiting room and mailings

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Flyers in this digital age?

"Whether you call them flyers, handbills, leaflets or pamphlets, we've found them to be an age-old, effective form of communication." - Forbes Council

Send these telehealth flyers to your mailing list, or make them available in your waiting room.

Here are two ways to get your flyers:

  1. Download the PDF File

  2. Right click to save an image below to your device. Print them in your own office!

Flyer- Skip the Drive and Waiting Room

Flyer- Simple & Easy Care Wherever You Are: PDF File

Flyer- Online Appointments: PDF File

You can also get a check-in flyer for your patient. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team

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