Flyers in this digital age?

"Whether you call them flyers, handbills, leaflets or pamphlets, we've found them to be an age-old, effective form of communication." - Forbes Council

Send these telehealth flyers to your mailing list, or make them available in your waiting room.

Here are three ways to get your flyers:

  1. Download the PDF File

  2. Go to our Print Shop and order your professionally printed, customized flyers

  3. Right click to save an image below to your device. Print them in your own office!

Flyer- Skip the Drive and Waiting Room: Print Shop

Flyer- Simple & Easy Care Wherever You Are: PDF File

Flyer- Online Appointments: PDF File

You can also get a check-in flyer for your patient. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team

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