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Invite patient with automatic check-in
Invite patient with automatic check-in

Send your patient directly to your waiting room with their name already filled out

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For users who have low vision / no vision, or have difficulty typing, you can enable auto-check-in so that a patient only has to click the Provider's Room Link (URL) to be immediately checked into your waiting room - no need to even type their name.

Enable auto check-in

Auto check-in simply requires you to add some extra information to your room link when inviting a patient who would benefit from auto check-in. (Important: If you are using the text message invite or the email invite options, you will need to copy the room link from the bottom section of the invitation and paste it into the top/editable section of the invite before following the steps below.)

Simply add this string of text to the end of your waiting room link:


In the above example, replace patientName with the patient's name as you wish it to display in your patient queue when that patient has checked in.

After you do this your Room Link will look similar to this:

Be sure to include the ? after your usual room name and before the userName and autocheckin attributes.

Note that the above example will display the patient's name as JaneDoe. For a better displayed name, you can use the HTML 'space' entity %20 to create space between first and last name, like this:


If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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