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Why we have a daily email limit and what to do if you’ve reached your limit

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Purpose of the daily limit recently established a daily limit for email invites. We did this to protect against the misuse of this feature which could result in email providers choosing to block our email. This would prevent your patients from receiving email invites to their appointment with you.

If you reach the daily limit

It’s unlikely that you will reach the daily limit. However, if you do, you’ll receive the following notification.

Please note: If you are 10 emails away from the limit, but you try to send to 15 email addresses, it will reject the request and post the warning message you see above. But, it will not have sent your invite to any of those 15 email addresses. So technically you will still have the ability to send out 10 more email invites. Thus, you could try sending to fewer emails at a time and see if it lets you send them.

If you reach the daily limit, here are your options:

  • If you were trying to send to a large number of emails (as described above), try sending to just a few email addresses at a time.

  • Wait until the appointed time (as shown on the notification message) before sending any additional email invites.

  • Send one of the other types of invites available on

  • Reach out to customer support at to discuss the possibility of increasing your daily limit.

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