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Text message invites are an effective way to invite your patients to appointments. Sometimes, however, a patient doesn’t recognize the nature of the text invite, and replies with Stop. This action unsubscribes them from doxy.me text messaging, preventing them from receiving text invites from any provider using doxy.me.

If you try and send a text invite to a patient who has unsubscribed from doxy.me text messaging, you will immediately receive the following error message: "The person at this number has unsubscribed from text invites. Please use an email invite or tell them how to subscribe.”

Doxy.me text invites can potentially be sent from three different numbers, depending on the location of your patient and whether or not you have edited / customized the invite message. The instructions below will help you determine which number they likely blocked, and thus to which number they need to subscribe. However, the safest option is for your patient to subscribe to all three numbers.

How to subscribe to text message invites:

  1. Create a new text message.

  2. Enter the appropriate phone number below in the To: field:

    1. 67579

      • 90% of all doxy.me messages are sent from this number.

    2. 1-844-279-9905

      • If you are changing the text invite message in any way, this is the number they need to unblock.

    3. 1-855-846-2347

      • If you are sending to a patient outside the United States, it's most likely trying to send from this number.

  3. After entering the phone number, type the word "Start" in the message field.

  4. Send the message.

Upon completing these steps, the individual will receive a text message confirming they have subscribed to doxy.me alerts.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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