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Transition from Clocktree to

Get started with in 3 easy steps

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With Clocktree's services expiring on August 15, 2023, many providers are looking for a new telehealth solution. It’s easy to set up a account, and we offer unlimited minutes with all our plans.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Try the Professional plan at no cost

To help you transition services, try our Professional plan for one month at no cost with coupon code clocktree. To use the coupon code, create a free account, click Upgrade from your dashboard, choose Professional, enter your coupon code and payment details, and click Pay.

Scheduling with is easy to integrate with many scheduling solutions. There are no downloads or log-ins and patients only need to click on your waiting room link to join the call. All you would need to do is paste your waiting room link into the location or video conferencing field of the scheduling app.

Recommended solutions:

If you are already a subscriber to Google Workspace, then you have access to a HIPAA-compliant appointment scheduler. Learn more here.

Be sure to include your waiting room link in the confirmation email to make it easy for clients to schedule appointments. **Note: Calendly is not HIPAA-compliant. Appointments made through Calendly should not include PHI.

Organizations that require HIPAA compliance need to contact Bookafy to sign their Business Associate Agreement.

Other recommendations can be found here.

Benefits of is built for healthcare and is trusted by more than one million providers. Not sure is right for you? Here are a few reasons why healthcare providers choose us:

Contact support

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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