We recommend three scheduling solutions. Two are paid subscriptions and one is free. You can use any scheduler you like. Simply place your personal room URL (doxy.me/YourRoomName) in the location of the invitation.

If you need a HIPAA-compliant scheduler, you can use Cogsworth or Timetap

Cogsworth is $49 a year. Click here to learn more.

Timetap: Email addy@timetap.com and mention doxy.me for 10% off any of their plans. 

If you don't need a HIPAA-compliant scheduler, you can use Calendly. We use them for doing demos and they are a simple solution. 

Integration is as easy as editing your waiting room to say something like: "If you've reached us off-hours, click this link to schedule a time: {{link to your scheduling software}}".

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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