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Dokbot: integrating surveys into
Dokbot: integrating surveys into

How to leverage patient satisfaction surveys after visits

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Updated over a week ago has partnered with Dokbot, a HIPAA compliant service, to offer Professional and Clinics subscribers a way to collect feedback from their clients or patients after their telehealth session ends. We offer two ready made surveys: one for mental health providers and one for other healthcare providers. Each of the surveys take less than a minute to complete. Clinic Accounts have the option to create additional, customized surveys.

Once you end a session with a client, Dokbot will launch automatically and ask the patient or client four questions about their satisfaction with the (1) therapeutic relationship, (2) focus of treatment, (3) approach being taken, and (4) progress being made. The survey results are immediately shared with the provider.

Preview The Satisfaction Surveys

Add the Survey to Your Dokbot and Accounts

Add the Survey to Dokbot

    • It is best to use the same email address as your account when signing up.

  1. Email, asking them to set up your post call survey and telling them which survey you would like to have added (either Therapy Session Satisfaction Survey or the Clinician Appointment Satisfaction Survey).

    • Here is a sample email: “Dear Dokbot Support, I am a Professional subscriber and I would like the Dokbot post-call survey added to my account. Please add the Therapy Session Satisfaction survey. I have already created a Dokbot account using the same email address as my account. Thank you for your help.”

Add the Dokbot Tool to

  1. Go to the Telehealth Tools section

  2. Click on the Dokbot tile

  3. Select Add to

After you have added the Dokbot extension to your account, your clients will be prompted to complete the survey after each session.

View the Survey Results

  1. Click on the Results tab from your dashboard.

  2. Select the post-call survey you would like to review

The results can be downloaded as a PDF. Additionally, you can have a PDF of results sent to your HIPAA-compliant email. To set this up:

  1. After logging into your Dokbot account, click on the Org Settings

  2. Under Email Settings, click on Send me completed Dokbots

Watch this video for a complete explanation:

If you have any questions or need assistance with adding the Dokbot Satisfaction Survey to your account, please email

NOTE: Dokbot is a subsidiary of Inc.

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