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Text notifications not working
Text notifications not working

Determine why text notifications are not being delivered and how to fix it

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If you have Enabled Text Notifications but are not receiving them as expected, we understand this can be frustrating. This article covers the main causes for this problem and provides some likely solutions.

Forgot to save your phone number in Account Settings

After turning on text notifications and entering your phone number, if you did not click on the Update button your changes will not have been saved.

Suggested solution: Go back to Account Settings > Notifications tab and check to see if your number is saved there. If it looks like the image above, turn on text notifications and re-enter your mobile number. Click Update and that should fix the problem.

Unsubscribed from messaging

It's possible that some time in the past you unsubscribed from messaging. If so, you will not be able to receive text notifications until you re-subscribe.

Suggested solution: Subscribe to messaging by texting the word Start to 67579.

The notification text was filtered / blocked by your mobile carrier

This means that the mobile carrier - the company who supplies service to your phone - is preventing the message from going through.

Suggested solution: This problem can often be resolved by contacting your mobile carrier directly.

Pro Tip: You can test notifications without waiting for a patient to check in. Simply copy your room URL from the Dashboard, then open a new browser window and paste your room URL into the browser address bar (at the top). Check in as if you were a patient and see if you receive a text notification.

In the end, if you continue to have problems or simply have a question about text notifications, please contact our support team.

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