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How to set up virtual check-ins for in-person appointments
How to set up virtual check-ins for in-person appointments

Utilize virtual check-ins and limit exposures

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You can have your patients check in online before arriving for their in-person appointment, just like travelers can check in for a flight online before arriving at the airport. Then any pre-appointment paperwork and payments can be completed online, and the patient is ready to meet with the provider when they arrive at the office.

After the in-person visit, the patient can resume their visit to complete their check-out.

TIP: Virtual check-ins are helpful in minimizing in-person time and possible exposure to sickness. Patients can check in virtually from their home or parked vehicle, cutting down or eliminating time spent in waiting rooms.

How to virtually check in a patient:

  1. Patient checks in to provider's waiting room or a shared "reception" room.

  2. Provider or clinic staff member performs preliminaries with patient virtually: consents, insurance, copay, etc.

  3. Patient then enters provider's in-person office. During the in-person consultation, the patient can optionally remain checked in to provider's waiting room on a mobile device.

  4. Patient leaves office, conducts online processing (such as scheduling new appointment or collecting payment) via

TIP: This process could also be useful in situations where caregivers wish to speak with the provider before and/or after the patient visit.

Clinic accounts also have the option of having staff (such as a receptionist or nurse) conduct preliminaries virtually on behalf of the provider, before an in-person consultation between provider and patient. See some of our other features offered to Clinic accounts.

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