Use medical grade audio

Get best audio quality for medical devices such as digital stethoscopes

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When to Use

  • Medical device audio is designed to allow providers to use connected medical devices (such as digital stethoscopes) that require greater audio sensitivity with video

  • This audio mode should not be used if the patient is not actively using a connected medical device requiring greater audio sensitivity

How to Enable

  1. Ask the patient to connect the desired medical device

  2. Invite the patient to go to their Call settings menu and set the microphone input to the medical device

  3. Then, go to your Call settings and change the Audio type from Standard to Medical device

Things to Know When Using Medical Device Audio

  • Both you and the patient will have a better experience if you use headphones instead of speakers.

  • Changing the Audio type to Medical device affects both your audio and your patient's audio.

  • From a technical perspective, enabling medical device audio disables noise suppression and increases the audio bitrate of the call, enabling you to hear softer sounds.

  • Medical device audio will work when the patient is using any desktop, laptop, or Android mobile device. But it is not currently possible to use Medical device audio on iOS mobile devices.

  • If you are using a mobile device (as the provider), you will not be able to use Medical device audio.

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