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Turn microphone on/off

How to mute your microphone during a call

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You may want to turn off your microphone during a call. For example, you may need to mute unexpected background noise or speak to a staff member who is in the room with you.

Turn Your Microphone On or Off during a Call

Option #1

The quickest way to turn your microphone on or off is to tap your space bar. When you do so, a message will appear on screen telling you whether your microphone is muted or unmuted.

Note: This only works if you are actively on the browser tab. In other words, if you have clicked on your EHR window to type notes while you meet with your patient, then clicking your space bar will not mute/unmute.

Option #2

  1. Move your mouse/cursor to the bottom of the screen.

  2. In the Call Controls, click the microphone icon to toggle the microphone on or off.

The Toggle Audio icon will display in red when you microphone is off.

Turn Your Microphone On or Off before the Call Starts

Option #1

  1. Click the microphone icon in the top right of your Dashboard.

    1. The icon will turn red, indicating the microphone is off.

  2. Click the the microphone icon again to turn the microphone back on.

    1. The icon will turn black, indicating the microphone is on.

Option #2

  1. Move your mouse/cursor over your camera preview in the top right of your Dashboard. The three dots icon ( ... ) will appear.

    1. If the preview video is not visible, it may have been turned off. To turn it back on, go to Account Settings, then Room tab. "Camera preview in dashboard" should be toggled on.

  2. Click the three dots icon ( ... ) and a drop-down menu will display.

  3. Select Mute myself from the menu.

    1. If the microphone is already off, this option will read Unmute Myself.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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