With a doxy.me Clinic account, you can set up a catch-all "emergency room" for unscheduled visits. This can be particularly useful for providing off-hours and drop-in care. To do this, a Clinic Owner or Admin should create a shared room, and add all the providers (and staff) they wish to have access.

Clinic members who have access to a special


  1. Make the shared room link available for your patients to access for emergency/urgent care needs

  2. Patient checks into the shared room

  3. Patient will appear in the queue of everyone on the shared room

  4. If user has notifications setup they will get notified with someone checks in

  5. Provider or staff starts the call with the patient 

NOTE: We do not recommend this setup for patients having an actual medical emergency. If a patient is having an emergency, they need to call 911 or the emergency care number in the country where they live.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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