Allowing other providers access to your waiting room has a few benefits: 

  • Give another provider access to meet with your patient 
  • Providers with access will get notifications when patients check-in 
  • A provider can pass the call back to you when you are ready 
  • Patients don't have to enter a new link 

To give another provider access:

  1. Go to Account Settings from the dashboard 
  2. Then Clinic Settings
  3. Expand the My Room Access section  
  4. Turn the slider to green to give that provider access 

The providers view
In this example, I have two clients in my patient queue, Michael and Sarah. I am going to have a call with Michael, so I need Dylan to meet with Sarah, so she doesn't have to wait as long. First, I send a message to Sarah, letting her know Dylan will be meeting with her. Then I go into My Room Access settings and give Dylan access. Dylan will then be able to see Sarah in his patient queue and can start a call with her. 

The client's view
From Sarah's perspective, she can see that I am with another client and got my message that she will be meeting with Dylan. She can also see Dylan is available in the list of available clinicians on the left side. Dylan and Sarah can send messages to each other, and Dylan can start the video call. 

Note: This feature is only available on the Clinic plan.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team or schedule a support video call

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