You need to invite providers to join your Clinic account. To invite providers: 

  1. Go to Account Settings from the dashboard 
  2. Then Clinic Settings
  3. Expand the Manage Users section 
  4. Click on Add Users
  5. Enter the provider's emails 
  6. Choose the Send invite option
  7. Send email invites by clicking Add users

Send Invite vs Create Account

Notice you can either Send an Invite or Create an Account.

Send invite

will send them and email for the user to create a password, fill out their name and create a room name if they haven't already. It will show the invite as pending in the manage user section until they accept. This is lets the user setup there account.

  • Note: If you are an admin trying to open invites on your own device you must log out before clicking the invite link. If are not being taken to the sign up form above, you'll need to reset the user password from your Clinic Login.

Create account

will send them an email with an auto generated password to log in. They will show up right away in the manage user section as active. You would do this if you wanted to be able to change settings or set up their account right away.  This method requires the least amount of effort.

Your invitee will be sent an email, and they'll need to...

  1. Login to your clinic account with their randomly generated password
  2. Change their password in Account Settings under Login Credentials

All done! You've successfully added a provider to your clinic account. 

Known Issue: If you have trouble opening a URL from an account that was recently logged in on the device opening a send invite email, copy the URL from the email and open it in incognito. Still having trouble? Try Resetting the Password.

Note: You'll need to add more seats before being able to invite additional providers.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support team or schedule a support video call

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