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Therapy tools: launch before and during a call
Therapy tools: launch before and during a call
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Therapy tools, also known as, is available on a Professional or Clinic account. You can open therapy tools before or during a call.

To get access to therapy tools, login and upgrade your account today.

Launch therapy tools from your dashboard

You can use therapy tools before or after you start a session. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Select Therapy Tools from the sidebar under Available Tools. Keep in mind that:

    • if you don't see Therapy Tools, make sure to add it to your account first

    • if you can't add it to your account, you may be on our free plan and will need to upgrade to a professional plan to use this feature

  2. Therapy tools are part of your account and will display on your dashboard. You don’t have to create a separate username or password to access therapy tools

  3. You can now create a new client, send assessments and exercises, set up automatic reminders, and track your client's progress over time

  4. To return to your dashboard, click the X in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window

Launch therapy tools during a call

Once you have started a call, follow these steps to use therapy tools during a session.

  1. Select Therapy Tools from the left sidebar

    1. This will load during a call and will automatically launch picture in picture (PIP) so you can always have eyes on your client

  2. Choose the client you are on a call with to ensure you are not sharing the wrong protected health information (PHI)

  3. A screen share pop-up will appear on your screen; choose the tab and then select share

  4. Your client will now be able to see what you are seeing and you can send assessments, practice therapeutic activities, set up automatic reminders, and review your clients progress.

  5. Once you are done using the tool and you want to close to return to the call, simply click the X in right hand corner of the call

Please note:

  • All of the in-call menu options (turn off mic/camera, put on hold, end call, etc) will appear when you hover your cursor over the bottom section of your screen

  • The chat is available to send messages back and forth to your client

  • You can not change to a different client while you're using the tool with a client

  • Therapy tools is not available during a group call

Now that you have learned how to launch therapy tools before or during a call, here are the first 3 steps you should do to get started.

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If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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