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What is

Learn about our HIPAA-compliant mental health therapy tool for assessing clients, practicing exercises, and reviewing progress over time

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What is is a simple, HIPAA-compliant, web-based platform from Inc. to help mental health therapists engage clients in practicing therapeutic skills between sessions. This mental health therapy complement is developed by therapists for therapists to assess clients, remind them to practice exercises, and track their progress over time.

The four major components of help providers to:

  1. Assess client symptom severity and functioning

  2. Practice digitized therapeutic mental health exercises with clients in-session

  3. Remind clients to practice exercises between therapy sessions with automated text message and email reminders

  4. Review client progress over time and adjust treatment as needed

Studies show that when clients practice skills they learn in therapy between sessions that they feel better faster. Before there was not a good way to share therapeutic exercises, especially when seeing clients via telehealth. Now with, therapists can schedule emails or text messages with a link to the exercise and a reminder for clients to practice. All the data the client enters during their practice is securely stored and therapists are able to review it in

Getting Started with

  1. Sign up for a free account at

  2. Add your clients

  3. Practice exercises in session with your clients

  4. Send Reminders for the week

  5. Review progress over time

How to Use with

  1. Sign in to in another browser tab or window

  2. Pull up your client's information

  3. Share your screen with your client as you Practice exercises, Review progress, and schedule Reminders

Note: is a subsidiary of Inc. The integration is available to Pro and Clinic subscribers at no additional cost. To use's premium features, such as automating and customizing reminders, see's Pricing page to upgrade.

Please contact's support team with any questions.

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