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Download your meeting history records

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Export is only available on Professional and Clinic plans.

The export includes:

  • Date

  • Provider's Name (Clinic Plan Only)

  • Room that the call took place in (Clinic Plan Only)

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Duration

  • Waiting Time (Group calls will have times separated by a comma)

  • Your Call Rating (Call rating survey given out to 1 in 10 calls)

  • Your Comment

  • Patient Call Rating

  • Patient Comment

Meeting History Dashboard

You can use this dashboard template to generate insights for your organization. This will only work for exported data on the Clinic plan.

  1. Click the Enable Content Button

  2. Export your Clinic's meeting history

  3. Copy the data from row 2 down

  4. Paste the data in cell A2 on the Data tab in the dashboard template

  5. Click Generate Dashboard from the Control tab

  6. Tell us how we can improve with this short survey!

Give us feedback on the exported data and dashboard!

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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