Using Meeting History, you can see more details about your usage with and keep track of times and sessions.

Patient names will not be associated with meetings because we cannot store patient information. You can try associating schedule records from your EMR with meeting history.

Meeting History is not viewable on a phone or tablet.

What you can see in Meeting History report:

  • The date of your past calls

  • The start and end times of the call

  • The total duration of the call (useful for accurately billing sessions)

The columns of data on the Meeting History page

For information regarding Meeting History on Clinic Accounts, click here.

Meeting History for Shared Rooms

When a meeting occurs from a Shared Room, it will not show up on your Meeting History page. You'll need to go to Account Settings > Clinic Settings> Shared Rooms, and then click on View under the History column. Access to Shared Room History is only available for admin users.

The View option in the History column on the Shared Rooms page

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