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How to have multiple providers on the same call
How to have multiple providers on the same call

Have a HIPAA compliant team meeting, specialty consult, or multidisciplinary rounds

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Using the group calling feature, it is possible to have multiple providers on a call together. There will only be one actual "Provider," as additional providers will simply check in as patients.

How to Have a Group Call

  1. The "Provider" sends a room invite to each additional provider.

  2. Each additional provider will click the provider link from the invite, and check in as a patient.

  3. The "Provider" starts the call and hosts the additional providers and/or the patient.

Pro Tips

  • The group calling feature is a great way to have HIPAA compliant team meetings and patient rounds.

  • Group call can also be a great way to work with patients and their families/ caregivers for training, education, and planning.

How to Have a Group Call Tutorial

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