NOTE: Text invites are only available on paid subscriptions to An owner or admin is required to enabled text invites on a Clinic or Enterprise account if disabled.

This article provides an overview of how to send a text message invite to a patient using our "Appointment date and time" version of text invites.

Picture of the text invite modal

Note: If your text invite modal does not contain date and time fields as shown above, you'll want to refer to Text Message Invite: Overview help article.

What's New?

  1. Add date and time to the invitation (see image of text message below)

  2. Changes you make to the invitation message are saved and will appear the next time you send an invite. You can always restore the default message if you like.

  3. The text message invite window remains open after sending a message. Close it by clicking anywhere outside the window.

  4. The last phone number you sent an invite to is displayed.

Send a Text Message Invite

To send an invite, use the Invite Via button on the Dashboard, then select Text message. Once open, enter the patient's phone number and click send. If desired, you can also enter the date and time of the appointment. You may also choose to edit the message before sending. Just remember not to include protected health information (PHI) in the message.

Here's an example of what the invite will look like when the date and time are added. text invite with date and time include

Use Date and Time Shortcuts

Entering the date and time are optional. You may also choose to enter the time but not the date, or vice versa.

The date and time inputs use logic that is both flexible and efficient. For example, you may use your keyboard or your mouse to enter information. In addition, here are some additional time saving tips:

  • When entering the date you can choose to:

    • Use any of the following to separate the day, month, and year:

      • / (slash)

      • . (period)

      • - (dash)

      • (space bar)

    • Enter single digits for the day or month. For example, you may enter 3 for March (versus entering 03).

    • Enter only the last two digits of the year.

  • When entering the time you can choose to:

    • Enter military time

    • Enter the hour and then hit the tab key. It will automatically assume AM or PM based typical office hours.

      • For example, if you enter 2 and then hit Tab key, it will automatically fill in 2:00pm as the time.

      • 8-11 default to AM

      • 12, 1-7 default to PM

    • Use any of the following to separate hour and minutes

      • : (colon)

      • . (period)

      • , (comma)

      • (space bar)

Choose Your Patient's Language

You can send patient invites in 19 different languages using the language selector. Choosing a different language will change the invitation message to a translated version of's default message. To be clear, if you have already edited the message, selecting a different language will not translate your customized message.

It will remember your selected language until you choose to change it to another language. In addition, it will list the three previously selected languages at the top of the list for easy access.

Edit Your Invitation

You can change the message of the invitation to personalize it to your needs. Changes you make will be remembered and displayed the next time you send an invite. Just remember to not put any Patient Health Information into the message.

Messages must contain less than 160 characters, including spaces. Your room link is counted, as well as the date and time information. We have found that being brief helps keep things simple for patients.

NOTE: An owner or admin on a Clinic or Enterprise account will need to enable editing messages if it is currently disabled.

Restore the Default Invitation

If you change the message and later decide to go back to's original message, you can do this by clicking Restore default message under the text box.

Screenshot showing the

Additional Resources

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team.

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