Enable Browser Notifications
Get notified by your browser when your patient arrives in your waiting room
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Important: Safari does not currently support browser notifications in doxy.me. If you wish to use browser notifications, we suggest using the Chrome browser.

Browser notifications are useful when you're working on your computer in other tabs or applications and can't keep a constant eye on your dashboard. Browser notifications typically appear where your device shows you other notifications. Here is an example of what a doxy.me browser notification would look like if you are using the Chrome browser on an Apple computer.

Turn on browser notifications

  1. Go to Account Settings on your dashboard.

  2. Open the Notifications tab.

  3. Slide Browser to On.

Change your browser settings

After enabling browser notifications, if you find they are not working as expected, you may need to manually enable them in your browser settings. Use the relevant link below to access instructions for how to enable browser notifications in your specific browser.

    • Important: Browser notifications for doxy.me are currently not supported by Safari. If you wish to use browser notifications in doxy.me, we suggest using the Chrome browser.

You can also enable text and email notifications if you prefer.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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