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For patients: after you check in
For patients: after you check in

Wait for your provider to start the call

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Once you have checked in, you are in your provider’s waiting room! Your provider will be with you shortly to start your call.

If you're wondering where your provider is or how long to wait, below are Waiting Room Tips and Waiting Room FAQ's.

Waiting Room Tips

Check Video/ Call Quality

We can help you quickly check your microphone, video, and connection to make sure you're all set for your call. Select the Pre-Call Test button located in the waiting room.

Adjust Camera and Microphone

You can find your camera and microphone settings by hovering over your video preview and clicking the three horizontal dots (...).

⚠️ If you refresh your page or click the back arrow at any time, you will need to check back in to your video call. (If you do click the back arrow, click the forward arrow to reach your provider's room and check back in.)

Waiting Room FAQs

Where is my provider?

Your provider or office has been notified you are checked in. You will remain on a live patient list, so you won't be missed.

Why does it say my provider is unavailable?

Your provider could be in other online rooms, offline, or on another call, but don’t worry. They should be with you shortly.

How long do I wait?

We are finding typical wait times are under 5-10 minutes.

If you are waiting longer than average:

  1. Double check the provider link is entered correctly

  2. Check your appointment time and date

  3. Refresh your page and check back in

  4. Contact your provider directly to see if they are having any issues

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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