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Add Non-Provider Seats to a Clinic Account
Add Non-Provider Seats to a Clinic Account
Request licenses for assistants, admins, or IT users.
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Every clinic account comes with one free admin seat, to accommodate clinic owners who are themselves not providers. This free seat can also be used by non-provider staff to assist in workflows. The clinic owner should request them by opening a new chat with the help button on their dashboard.

To request non-provider seats:

  1. Click the HELP button from your dashboard.

  2. Start a new chat with Send us a message

  3. Choose the 💳 Billing | ⚙️ Settings option.

  4. Then, the ⚙️ Account Settings option.

  5. Next, the Support Staff/Admin Seats option.

  6. Finally, the number of non-provider seats.

NOTE: This is only available on the Clinic plan.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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