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Manage users: remove seats

Reduce the number of licenses to lower your bill

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Seats are what you pay for. Users are the associated emails that fill up those paid seats. If you have every seat filled with a user, you will need to reduce your users before you reduce the number of seats. Reducing users may involve deleting or disabling the user. Both of those options will free up the seat and allow you to remove it, as shown below.

Important: Removing seats requires admin access.

To Remove Seats:

  1. Go to Account Settings in the dashboard.

  2. Click Clinic Settings.

  3. Expand the Manage Users section.

  4. Click Add Users.

  5. Click Add or remove paid seats.

  6. Lower the total number of users (providers) you want. For example, if you currently have ten users and you wish to remove one, you would enter "9" in the "total" field. You will get a prorated credit on the account for that seat. Next month's bill will be for the nine seats.

  7. Finish with Update users.

NOTE: This is only available on the Clinic plan.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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