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Provider not receiving invite email
Provider not receiving invite email

What might cause invitation emails to not arrive in user's inbox

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There are many reasons a user might not receive their invitation email.

Common reasons email invitations do not arrive:

The email you entered has a typo. Triple check the email address you typed into the invite box, it is possible that it has a typo or not correct. Check again one more time, this is the issue most of the time. 

Email not the one they have access to. You might be trying to invite using an email address that the user does not have access to. To confirm you are using the correct email address, ask the provider which email they need the invite sent to. Try another email they have access to.

The email is in junk or spam. The email that you invite to may have sent it to junk or spam. Have the provider check their junk or spam for the invite email 

Firewall. Some larger organizations have network filters or firewalls in place that block or slow down email invitations from coming through. Share these network settings with your IT team.

Less common reasons to consider:

Email was rejected: If the invitation was sent to an email account that didn't exist before the invite was sent or is being "bounced back" for any reason, our system will automatically flag that email and block future emails from being sent from this address.  Please contact customer service to have this flag removed.

How to edit or remove an invitation

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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