What is Dokbot?

Learn about our HIPAA-compliant chatbot that simplifies data capture into a simple conversation

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Dokbot is a HIPAA-compliant data collection chatbot that simplifies data capture into a simple conversation.

Dokbot is a simple, HIPAA-compliant artificial conversational interface engine from Doxy.me Inc. that helps researchers and healthcare providers build and deploy conversational user interfaces (i.e., chatbots) to collect data from patients for clinical care and research studies.

How Can Dokbot Help a Clinic to Collect and Manage Their Patient Data?

Dokbot is proven to be more effective than other healthcare data collection tools on the market and is preferred by patients, leading care providers, and researchers.

Dokbot uses conversation to gather healthcare data directly from patients seamlessly with no app download and no password. Let Dokbot improve how you interact with patients. We promise that both you and your patients will love it!

Uses of Dokbot

Filling Consent Forms, Intake Forms, Release of Information Forms. Standardized Assessments, Patient Reported Outcomes, Clinical Research Surveys, Satisfaction Surveys

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Patients Love Using Dokbot

Dokbot is carefully designed to create a user experience that maximizes the accuracy and completion of collected information.

What's Next?

NOTE: Dokbot is a subsidiary of Doxy.me Inc.

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