Can I use in Canada? is compliant with PHIPA and PIPEDA

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Yes, we are PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant on all of our plans.  

Our current procedures and processes comply with PHIPA: 

  • does not store patient health information. Therefore, servers that store patient health information in Canada are not needed.

  • video calls are an encrypted peer-to-peer connection between the provider and patient, meaning data is exchanged through the internet directly between the two participants rather than passing through a server.

  • For users in Ontario, check out this comparison between HIPAA and PHIPA.

NOTE: If a provider is on a paid plan and chooses to use the File Transfer feature, any data transferred or requested will remain available for a maximum of 15 minutes during a call. This data is temporarily located within the US for the duration of the call before being permanently removed. This feature is optional and not required to conduct a video or audio call.

Learn more about PIPEDA and our Privacy Policy.  

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team.

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