Using teleconsent, providers can interact with patients to obtain their consent to participate in telemedicine. Every clinic has standard teleconsent enabled by default. Click here to see the standard consent that is included for free.

Providers and patients will see the same document. The provider will scroll through the document to explain the main points. After walking through the document and filling the required fields, you will be able to download a PDF file with the signed teleconsent form.

NOTE: Teleconsent is only available to Clinic users.

To use teleconsent:

  1. If your patient is in your waiting room, navigate to the three dots menu () near the patient's name in the Patient queue.

  2. Click More.

  3. Choose Teleconsent. (If your patient is already on a call with you, choose Teleconsent in the left panel.)

  4. In the opened window, click Preview to preview the document, or Share if you want to share the teleconsent form with a patient.

  5. Review the document and sign as indicated.

  6. Click Finalize document.

  7. Press Download at the bottom left.

  8. To end, press the X at the top right of the document.

Clinics have the option of adding their own custom teleconsent form for a charge of $250. Clinics interested in this option should email

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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