Teleconsent requests are frozen at the current time. Telehealth restrictions have been waived by President Trump in the National Emergency in response to COVID-19, making the need for teleconsent moot. We will make teleconsent available again once the National Emergency has been lifted. 

If you still feel consent is necessary you can obtain consent by:

  • obtain consent by email
  • use file transfer to send/receive signed consent
  • record the patient giving their consent verbally
  • use patient portal to obtain consent

With Teleconsent, you can get signatures for your documents. Teleconsent is a beta feature that has to be activated on your Clinic account, and you can do so by contacting teleconsent@doxy.me for more information or to have Teleconsent be activated. Please make the subject: Teleconsent and in the email let us know your subdomain link. For example mine is: https://yourclinic.doxy.me/

Click here to see the standard consent that is included for free. Due to high volume we can't upload any custom forms. 

To use Teleconsent:

  1. While on a call click "Teleconsent" on the left panel 
  2. Choose the document you want to share
  3. Review and sign 
  4. Click "Finalize document"
  5. Press download at the bottom left 
  6. To end, press the "X" at the top right of the document 

Note: Teleconsent is only available to Clinic users.

If you need help using teleconsent, contact our support team

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