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Customize your teleconsent forms
Customize your teleconsent forms

How to request and set up custom consent forms for your clinic

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NOTE: This feature is only available on Clinic and Enterprise accounts. offers five consent forms within the Teleconsent feature. All five forms are available by default on every new clinic and enterprise account. If you wish to have these forms modified, or you would like to include custom consent forms, this is also an option.

Requesting your custom consent forms

Clinic accounts can create up to five custom teleconsent forms for an additional $250 fee. Just email your request to to get started.

Adding custom consent forms to your account

Once your custom consent forms are created by, you’ll need to make them available to the providers in your clinic. This step is crucial but only takes a minute to complete. The video below will walk you through the process, but here is a written list of the steps:

  1. As an Administrator or Owner of your account, click on My Account at the bottom left of your Dashboard.

  2. Then select Settings.

  3. Choose the Telehealth Tools tab.

  4. Click on Teleconsent, then select Template manager.

  5. You should see your custom consent form(s) in the list of forms available under Institution.

  6. Locate the form you would like to activate and click on the + symbol next to that form.

  7. Select the appropriate access level.

    1. Please note: The ability to change Access level for each consent form is currently only available as a beta feature. If your account does not have this feature enabled, you may request this by contacting us at

Removing custom consent forms from your account

If at any point you want to remove a custom consent form from your account, you can follow steps 1-4 above, and then click on the X located to the right of the form that you would like to remove. This will immediately prevent all providers in your clinic from being able to access this specific custom consent form.

Contact support

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team.

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