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Securely obtain files from your patient during a call or while the patient is in the waiting room

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File transfer is a HIPAA compliant way to send files between you and your patient. This is a better alternative to emails as the data you send might contain Protected Health Information (PHI). 

To receive a file from the waiting room:

  1. Click the three dots menu () in the patient queue 

  2. Select More

  3. Select Request file. 

  4. Patient will select the file to share from their device.

To receive a file while on a call:

  1. Click File Transfer on the left panel.

  2. Then Request file from patient

  3. The patient clicks Select file to share

  4. They can choose files from their computer.

  5. The patient clicks Open

  6. Press Download to save.

  7. The file will appear in your default downloads folder

You can also send a file to your patient. 

To receive a file transfer during a group call:

File Transfer is not available in the sidebar while on a group call. To receive a file from a patient during a group call, ask for the file from the waiting room as described in the first method above.

NOTE: File transfer is only available to Professional or Clinic users. In addition, file size and types are limited.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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