We use Gravatar as the way for users to set profile picture. Gravatar is a free service that lets Doxy.me and other websites display your profile picture from a central location.  

To add a profile picture to Doxy.me account:

  1. Go to gravatar.com and create a wordpress account with the same email you used to register for doxy.me. We use that email to pull in your Gravatar email. Here is a great video on how to create and upload a Gravatar profile picture.
  2. When you upload the picture there, it will display on your account when you enable Profile picture on your account.
  3. Go to Account Settings-->Settings-->Room Settings-->Use Profile Picture

At this time there is no other way to upload a profile picture to your account. 

Update Gravatar

  • You'll update your Gravatar from your Gravatar profile login.
  • If you update your Gravatar, you'll need to log out and log back in to see the Gravatar profile picture update.

Patient & User Profile Picture

  • What the Practitioner Sees: Doxy.me takes a small snapshot of the patient at the very beginning of a call to display as a thumbnail in your waiting room or in session chat. If video is paused by the patient, you will see this patient picture. This image is deleted permanently & immediately at the end of the call.
  • What Patients See: On session chat or if video is paused during the call the patient and others on the call will see your Gravatar picture or if you do not have a Gravatar image, a picture will be taken at the beginning of each new session.
  • Group Calls with other practitioners will also use a picture at the beginning of the call except for Gravatar of the first user if it is being used.

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