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See your patient in a floating window while using other applications

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Use the Picture-in-Picture feature to keep your patient in view while working in another tab or window. For example, you can take notes in your EHR while you continue the call with your patient. Picture-in-Picture makes multitasking easier and helps you maintain patient engagement.

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture:

  1. Start a call with one person or multiple participants.

  2. In the lower right corner of the screen, click the Picture-in-Picture icon and your video will snap into a drag-able window.

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  3. This window can then be moved and resized around the monitor to fit your workflow.

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Note: If on a group call, you'll need to select the Participant you want to display in the window before clicking the Picture-in-Picture icon. You can only view one participant at a time with picture-in-picture. You cannot select yourself.

Pro Tip: It's good practice to place the floating window on screen as close to your camera as possible (usually at the top center of your computer screen). This helps your patient feel as though you are looking at them because you are looking very close to your camera. Whereas, if you have the Picture-in-Picture window near the bottom of your screen, it will appear to the patient as if you are looking at something other than them.

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