Screenshare is an easy way to show your patient a website, video, test results, or a document from your computer.  To use screenshare:

  1. While on a call click "Screenshare" on the left panel 
  2. Select "Share my screen" 
  3. Choose the screen you want to share
  4. Click "Share"
  5. To end, press "Stop Sharing" at the bottom  

In order to share your screen:

  • You need to use either Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari does not support screenshare.
  • If you use the latest version of Google Chrome, no plugin is needed.
  • If you use an older version Google Chrome, you need to install this plugin
  • Use a desktop or laptop (screen share is not supported on mobile devices)

Some devices you will need to click the 'preview picture' in order to click 'share'.

How to use screenshare: 

Note: Screenshare is only available to Professional or Clinic users.

If you have trouble using screenshare, contact our support team

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