Screenshare is an easy way to show your patient a website, test results, or a document from your computer.  Only microphone audio can be streamed during screenshare.

To use screenshare:

  1. While on a call click "Screenshare" on the left panel 
  2. Select "Share my screen" 
  3. Choose the screen or specific application window you want to share
  4. Click "Share"
  5. To end, press "Stop Sharing" at the bottom  

In order to share your screen:

  • Screenshare is supported by Chrome / Firefox / Safari 11+
  • If you use an older version Chrome, you need to install this plugin
  • Requesting a Patient to Screenshare is not currently supported in Safari 11+ 

You will need to click the 'preview picture' in order to click 'share'. 

How to use screenshare:

Note: Screenshare is only available to Professional or Clinic users. 

Screensharing Windows Computer Audio from a Speaker:

By default patients can only hear audio from your microphone, not from audio produced being played from your computer during screen share. There is a way to have the microphone that you are using in listen to your windows computer audio

Mac computer audio is currently not available on a Mac.

If you have more questions about using screenshare, contact our support team

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