All users get a free Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Do I need a BAA?

If you need a BAA with 

  1. Click Account Settings in the left column.

  2. Click on the BAA tab.

  3. Enter your information.

  4. Generate and then download the BAA for your records.

How to generate a BAA:

We will keep a copy of the BAA in your account permanently.

If you need to update your BAA:

  1. Delete your current BAA.

  2. Update your information.

  3. Generate a new one with updated information.

The BAA found on our Free and Professional accounts is meant for individual providers only. If you have more than one provider from your company using, chat with us about how to get covered under a Clinic BAA.

NOTE: If you are a Clinic user, only admins of Clinic accounts have this option.

The National Provider Identifier is an identification number for covered healthcare providers. It is a unique, 10-digit number not containing personal information pertaining to the provider it belongs to, but rather as a way to assign responsibility to the provider for transactions conducted under HIPAA compliance, and identifying themselves as a healthcare provider without releasing personal information.

What an NPI is typically used for

A provider may use an NPI for a few common reasons...

  1. Documenting HIPAA transactions.

  2. Standardized way of identifying themselves as a healthcare provider.

  3. Health care plans

  4. Employers record

  5. Assigning responsibility when conducting HIPAA transactions (especially financial)

Who is required to have an NPI

Any HIPAA-covered entity, including...

  • Healthcare providers conducting transactions electronically

  • Healthcare clearing houses

  • Health plans including but not limited to: Commercial plans / Medicare / Medicaid

Do I need an NPI

If you do not meet the definition of a healthcare provider as outlined in 45 CFR 160.103, you won't have an NPI or have the ability to obtain one.

For more information, please refer to the official documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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