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How to add an on demand interpreter to your call

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Updated over a week ago has partnered with Voyce, a HIPAA compliant service, to add on demand interpreters to your calls. With a few clicks, you can add an interpreter for many languages with knowledge of medical terminology. You need to be on the Professional or Clinic plan to use this extension.

  • No additional contracts or BAAs needed

  • Over 70 languages and 20 second average request time

  • Only pay as you use it

Price: $0.99 per minute, billed monthly to the payment method on file.

How to add the Live Interpreter extension:

The Live Interpreter extension can only be added to Professional or Clinic accounts. You need admin permissions on a Clinic account to add the extension.

  1. From your Dashboard click Telehealth Tools

  2. Click on Voyce: Live Interpreter

  3. Click the Add to button

  4. Click Continue to agree to the Voyce Terms of Service

  5. You will see a new extension section on the left sidebar

How to request an interpreter:

You can add an interpreter before or during you call.

  1. From the left sidebar click on Live Interpreter

  2. Click the language drop down and search for the language you need

  3. Click Continue to start the search

  4. The interpreter will check into your patient queue

  5. Start the call with your patient

  6. Click Group Call from the side bar

  7. Select the interpreter from the queue

  8. Click Confirm to add them to the call

If you encounter call quality issues:

Email and include:

  • The provider's email who had the issues

  • The time and date of the call

  • Which language they were trying to use

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a BAA with Voyce?

No. Voyce is a sub-processor to We have a vetting process to ensure all our sub-processors are HIPAA compliant and have high security standards. We have sub-BAAs with our approved sub-processors. As long as you have a BAA with you are covered with the sub-processors we use.

What costs are involved?

It is $0.99 per minute, billed monthly to the payment method on file. Billable minutes start when the interpreter accepts the request and enters the waiting room. The billable minutes end when you end the call or remove the interpreter. You will only be billed when you use the service, no minimum monthly or set up fee.

How long will the interpreter wait in my queue?

The interpreters time is important. After 5 minutes they will make the decision to leave or not depending on the situation. If you find your interpreter left after waiting, you can simply request another to join.

I tried adding the interpreter but they couldn't join the call?

Sometimes there are connection issues out side our control. Interpreters will use their best judgement, if they can't join the call because of a connection issues they will mark the call as dropped and you won't be billed. You can try requesting another interpreter.

What certifications do Voyce interpreters have?

You can find more about interpreter certifications here and also reach out directly to Voyce for additional questions.

NOTE: This feature is only available on the Professional and Clinic plans.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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